Warranty information

I endeavor to build all of my pedals as I would for a close friend. I am already personally interested to keep them operating with a long healthy life, so it's not any additional effort to offer a 10 year warranty. The pedals components and construction should not commonly be expected to have faults within this time period. This includes replacement or repair, at manufacturer's option, of components which fail where the owner of the product is not at fault. Exclusions of this warranty may include:

  • Damage caused by misuse, abuse, or unauthorised modification.
  • Aesthetic damage such as surface scratches.
  • Damage caused by other products.
  • Postage and shipping charges.

Warranty is transferable, and valid from date of proof of original purchase.

Basically, this covers all labor and parts. If a returned pedal is found to have a preventable fault of manufacturing (IE soldering) then I will pay the post to send it back to you.


warranty claims

Please contact either myself or you place of purchase for any advice if you have a pedal which is functioning unusually.

If the pedal was only recently purchased, please contact the place of purchase to see if a simple exchange can be made. I will pay compensation for the return postage in this instance.

If you must return a pedal to me to look at, please contact me for postage details. Please don't post any pedals without contacting me first, so that I can expect delivery.