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Tsuchi Fuzz



Tsuchi Fuzz Pedal


"This is quite simply the ultimate fuzz pedal" - ProGuitarShop Australia.

"One of the best Fuzz pedals ever!" - In The Blues pedal reviews

"One Fuzz to rule them all!" - Peerless Music


The Tsuchi Fuzz has to be designed with all old technology parts, so that you can plug in and the mojo is all set up for you.

"one of the classiest cases ever..." "...The Tsuchi Fuzz is built with all sorts of considerations and artistry (...) and it sounds pretty darned fantastic." - Brett Kingman, world class pedal reviewer.



Tsuchi Fuzz Manual



  • NOS PNP Germanium.
  • All mojo components.
  • Adjustable bias.
  • Can use common power supply
    with other negative ground pedals.
  • Teflon wiring.
  • Fast action 3PDT true bypass foot switch.
  • High visibility 10mm status lamp.
  • Durable powder coated finish.
  • DC input socket - regular polarity.
  • Extra thick aluminium enclosure.
  • Highest quality components and construction.
  • Five year warranty + manual.

NB - Current model Tsuchis are made in an all-germanium setup, rather than my previous germanium-hybrid setup. Please feel free to contact me if you'd like something specific.

AUD $225

World-wide registered post.

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