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Pedal parts / hardware in Australia



Australian's are a small, unique group. One where manufacturing isn't well supported. My pedals are fairly expensive to make because I use the highest quality parts which mostly have to be delivered from overseas. They are heavy, and the dollar exchange with fees is just horrible.

I don't believe in buying cheap parts. I've bought my share and in my experience it doesn't pay off. The only way that I can help manage costs is to buy in bulk, to receive cheaper price brackets, and combined postage.

I'm offering these parts for purchase here. Why so cheap? I'm doing this in my own time on a friendly basis, near to cost price. I'm hoping to support the local pedals peeps in Australia and at the same time you'd be supporting me to buy in larger numbers and contribute to keeping stock up. Junk shouldn't be your only option!


The nitty gritty: This is for delivery to Australia only. If you're overseas, consider heading over to Small Bear Electronics. Australia post will email tracking advice. I will not be counting exact stock levels, so the website will not have a max purchase limit - please keep it reasonable. If you need larger numbers (around 20+ of each part kind) then please consider contacting me first to check levels. I'm currently buying parts in units of about 250x each and use these parts daily in my own production but sometimes parts get low. Postage is free when you spend $99 or more.




3PDT foot switch CIC RoHS

These are the real deal CIC originals - the only brand that I ever use. I get these from Small Bear Electronics in the USA and they only ever import them directly from the manufacturer. These are the originals that have been copied by everyone. I've had sad experiences with many copies - they are the ones that come in dead for repairs. The common cheap kinds have the red epoxy goo filled higher, but there are also clones that look identical.

Used over more than a decade, these haven't come back for replacement yet. Usually I can get through a few hundred without pop issues with careful soldering.



3PDT CIC roHS Foot Switch

Washer to suit foot switches

Perfect function and form. Extends just past the nut.



Foot switch washer

Mono 1/4" Switchcraft #11 socket

My favourite audio sockets. Super strong and assured connection. The nut is very thick and doesn't extend as far out past the enclosure which looks neat. Beginners can also clearly physically see which terminals to connect to.




Stereo 1/4" Switchcraft #12B socket

As above. Often a stereo socket is used to disconnect a battery when not plugged in.




Cerated lockwasher. Internal tooth suit 1/4" Swithcraft jacks

Perfect fit with 3/8" inside diameter. This makes sure that your sockets mechanically ground to the enclosure well.




2.1mm DC socket

Always look for these kind which require a 13mm drill. I've never had one of these fail yet. Beware of the 12.5mm drill hole kind.

You can also get these directly from Altronics stores within Australia. Tip: grab a 2.1mm plug to check you didn't pick up a 2.5mm socket accidentally in the wrong parts bin. Sometimes the shops have jumbled stock and they look very similar.



Switch, toggle, SPDT, short lever

These are tough Taiway switches. I've had a prototype one which got re-soldered about 20x and didn't have an issue. Short levers look cool and sit lower than the knobs, less likely to get stomped on.

Includes flat washer, cerated washer, and 2x nuts. Wire solder terminals, not PCB prong type.



Switch, toggle, SPDT CTR-OFF, short lever

Three toggle positions, where them middle position makes no connection.

Includes flat washer, cerated washer, and 2x nuts. Wire solder terminals, not PCB prong type.




Switch, toggle, DPDT, short lever

Includes flat washer, cerated washer, and 2x nuts. Wire solder terminals, not PCB prong type.



9V T-style plastic battery connector

Hard plastic won't tear. Low profile to fit a battery in the bottom of a Hammond 1590B. Long length of wire.


Sold out until after supplier restocks.




After more local parts for a project? Head to an Altronics store. They are like a good version of Jaycar and should have just about everything else you need. RS Components also have free courier delivery on all orders, however are expensive for basics like single resistors/capacitors.



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