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Optical Tremolo



Dazatronyx Optical Tremolo


Tremolos interest me as a good design has its own living pulse, which can sound lively like the instrument itself.

By shining a fading light against a photo-sensitive material, this tremolo uses all analog photo-coupling to restrict and vary the output. After a decade of development I've created this completely,unique circuit, as my ideal tremolo sound.

Please note: This circuit has been optimised for a guitar level input. For a line-level optimized version please contact me. Please always use a high quality regulated and isolated power supply for best operation. Daisy chain power cables may induce clock noise.



Optical Tremolo Manual


Optical Tremolo Manual


Near perfect score: 9.8/10 on GuitarEffectsWorld.com - read the review.


Mike Hermans Demo (ProGuitarShop) - "This one is awesome."


Jame Ryan Demo


Brett Kingman Demo


InTheBlues Demo


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