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Sold out. Contact me to help find any last stock in stores :)

Shaun Klinger and myself have collaborated together to make our best vintage fuzz unit. The design aspects had been in discussion for years, so we're very excited to hear/see the final unit as we dreamt it.

All Germanium classic fuzz unit based on the Bender MK1. This sound was made famous by the early English guitarists Beck, Page, Mick Ronson, and can be heard on many recordings from the mid to late '60s. Our Fuzzonkazonk has some extra magic inside it to transform from the very rare Zonk unit. This has a very trebly, nearly busted speaker sound, similar to the Maestro FZ-1. This sound can be found with both switches in the 'off' position.

Wedge shape enclosure with top-mount jacks. There are two mod switches on the circuit board for bottom response and for gating tuning (preset).



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