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Fetish Booster


Dazatronyx Fetish Boster


The Fetish Booster is your new secret weapon. It can be a powerful tool in your arsenal. Use it to add volume, increase gain, or reshape your tone.

This is a unique circuit design optimized for ideal instrument signal processing. It does not use sterile chip amplification, but rather the character of two field-effect transistors configured in a special way. As with any transistor or tube circuit, best performance is achieved running the signal close to the absolute limits. Therefor this unit is optimized for an instrument pickup levels.

An on-board IC is used however for an internal voltage conversion to increase the headroom of the and improve dynamic response, as well as maintain absolutely minimal noise considerations.

The controls are simple:

  • Level
    Controls the amount of volume output.

  • Body
    The tone of the output. Turn it all the way right to have a full frequency range amplification. Turn it to the left for a clearer bottom-end.



  • NOS discrete Fairchild field-effect transistors.
  • Low noise figures.
  • Full audio band frequency response.
  • Ultra-linear dynamic mode.
  • Internal voltage/headroom boost.
  • Fast action 3PDT true bypass foot switch.
  • Noiseless biasing.
  • Teflon wiring.
  • Durable powder coated finish.
  • Extra thick, compact Hammond aluminum enclosure.
  • Highest quality components and construction.
  • Five year warranty + manual.

Temporarily unavailable for purchase here.

Please contact me for availability. There will be more available in other stores :)

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