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About Dazatronyx



My name is Darron Thornbury. I'm interested in making pleasant sounds to be used with musical instruments. I believe that good effects should be every part as musical as the instrument that they are connected to - giving extension to the instruments capabilities.

An effect is a recipe of processes created by parts in an electronic circuit, and then delivered physically in the guts of a pedal. So to develop a great pedal is to find the best way to deliver a sound.


Dazatronyx was created by myself beginning in my late high school years. Since then I've never stopped trying to improve my designs and delivery of my pedals.

I don't yet own a single one of my pedals for myself. Each new one I make for someone I consider the 'current one' on a path trying to manufacture ideal pedals.

I endeavor to be in control of the creation of the whole pedal from home and not outsource any tasks. From enclosure drilling, powder coating and labeling, to circuit board design and etching.

My goal now is to provide a product to musicians which is not commercially available - the kind of individual design and construction approach that an expert technician would build as a one-off for themselves or commissioned by an artist.

Dazatronyx is based in South-East Melbourne, Australia.



I like to think of my designs as being hybrids, with components and lively-sounding techniques of the past, but with modern adaption.

I still utilize many construction and design methods from the past where I believe that they were simply better, such as true bypass switching. If you open any of my products you will find the quality of construction that you would expect to find in a well made vintage amplifier. That being said, I design, make and assemble all of my circuit boards in-house.

Every pedal is hand made - in my home - as such no two are completely alike and you may expect to find small imperfections here or there. I build every pedal as I would for myself or a close friend.



No quality compromises are made in the production of my pedals. Standard you may expect to find:

  • True bypass switching + Large status lamp.
  • All analogue circuitry.
  • Switchcraft audio sockets.
  • 600V tin-plated copper teflon wiring.
  • Extra thick high quality aluminium Hammond enclosure.
  • In-house-made tin plated copper circuit board.
  • In-house powder coated finish for extra durability.
  • Lead-free soldering.

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